Top PTC 2011

Although at the end of the month there was downtime as Bryan the Admin was trying to incorporate Version 2, TaketheGlobe for me was still the best PTC Site out there. The number of Ads for free members is staggering, on average around $0.40 can be earnt for free members. 

One of the original, if not the original, Instant Paying PTC Sites, this site is still going strong, possibly because it has a set minimum of 4 Ads per day. That means you won't need to spend much time on the site. I've been testing thier Rented Referral System and it isn't too bad, but it would benefit Upgraded Members more than any other member they have. 

Launched last month, this exciting new Aurora Script PTC site looks really promising, possibly the best of the Aurora Sites that have come out in recent times. Payments are being made regularily and the site is growing steadily. The admin has been great in helping out my blog by posting insightful comments. 

It shows how impressed I was with this site because it was just in pre-launch mode in December. The reason it appears as my Top 5 is purely because the Admin went out of his way to promote the site to advertisers before it's launch. It's a real shame my Paypal and AlertPay accounts were empty because I could have had some sweet advertising at the site. It's launch on January 2009 is also looking promising for Jan's Top 5 list.

For our last spot I thought I would have a site which recently celebrated it's 5th year in the Get Paid to Click Ads industry. This is a site which is the grand daddy of them all and living proof that all PTC sites when managed well can survive for a long time. My biggest regret is that I never promoted the site for the last year I had been clicking Ads. 2009 may be the year where WordLinx finally gets the credit it so richly deserves. 
There are other PTC sites which I would have considered such as

ClickSia - I just got my first payment from this site on Christmas Day too
PerformanceBux - an under-rated new PTC site which is very sustainable
PPclix.Com - Another new PTC Site which looks really promising
SimpleClicker.Com - An Aurora Site which I really haven't promoted, but I've won so much from.

January 2009 is going to be an interesting month and I hope for all of us that are trying to scrape up a few cents a day, payments from our PTC Sites. I would recommend being an active member of my December 2008 Top 5 List, you really aren't going to find many better PTCs out there. So as we await January's list, let's see if the list changes

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