TaketheGlobe has a rough road ahead

TG has long been closed down, I thought I'd keep this here as a reference

TTG or TaketheGlobe has been a real good PTC for me, this is a fact. The stand out feature of the site isn't just the earnings but it is run by an admin whom has kept all it's members informed of the progress and the problems that it has been happening.

The test of a person is what they do when problems arise, those whom quit will continue to do this in thier life, whereas those that ride the rough waves and come out the other side are labelled as heroes.

Last year, Bryan and his family went through a massive wave which almost cost him something more than his PTC site, that is, the life of himself and his family. When he finally got back from a doomed trip he had found a member had ripped him off at TTG when they reversed $6,000 of advertising.

To compound matters, V2 of TTG ran into problems when he hired PHP Coders which didn't have it in them to do the job properly. So the expense of hiring them ate into profits, and now he has to hire even more coders to fix up a mess which was not his doing.

For a short time, there was hope when he thought he had a major investor, only for the bad news that they decided to bail out at the last moment and so talks are in session with other potential investors.

More information has been revealed regarding V2 of TTG, such as Instant CashOuts for Upgraded Members and Rented Referrals. I guess what I'm waiting for is the release of V2 because it is a signal that all things are heading in the right direction.

Income from the features V2 has will provide a massive amount of income for Bryan because he will be introducing income streams which have proven to be successful at other Get paid To Sites. It will definitely bring financial stability to the site and that's the real key of TaketheGlobe.

The admin is looking for a long term solution, he's not going to forget Free Members which is something I hate about other PTC sites which have been put in the same boat. I am more keen to see the release of V2, but for now, waves are getting higher, so grab your board and let's surf those puppies.

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