Backlink plant, Towards a Post or Homepage?

In the SEO article writing first ever skipper, on how to put backlinks through blog commenting method, Squire explains how to get backlinks with the easiest way.

However, at this time skipper seo article will discuss how to put a backlink in order to more effectively boost the position of the blog in google search results page, et al.

The problems that would lift the skipper this time is an issue where the backlink should be directed?

There are two options most often done by bloggers / webmasters when they are "planted" backlink, namely:
Direct backlink to the main page (homepage)
Direct backlink to post page
Which one is better than both of the above?

Opinion of the skipper is still learning SEO, specifically for the new blog, you should direct backlinks "planted" to the main page. The reason is, if it can be compared to the new blog is a house being built, we would have to build a strong foundation first. Here is the foundation of the main blog page. If the main page already has enough backlinks, then the postings we certainly will be more rapid in the index and get a good position in SERP.

The first conclusions specific to the new blog, give a "shot" had enough backlinks to the main page.

As for the blog that already has enough age, you should direct backlink to the posting page. The reason, a blog that already has a stable age usually sufficient time needed by the search engine robots to index the posting page. However, although the post quick enough on the index page that does not mean its position in the SERP would be nice too. Where the importance of directing a backlink to the posting.

The second conclusion for a blog that has had a life, give a "shot" of backlinks to the posting page.
Well, SEO article so this time skipper of personal opinion, if any that may have a different opinion, my friend can share via the comments box. Do not be afraid to dissent because of the difference is very skipper appreciated. Thank you

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