Is Bux.To a Scam?

Of all the PTC sites out there, the one which raises the most doubt about being a scam site is Bux.To. I have been waiting since April 2008 for my payment, I find that inexcusable for a PTC Site to delay payments for 8 - 9 months and counting. I'm almost convinced the site is a PTC Scam from my own experiences.

It has all the ingredients of a paid to click scam.

Self Sponsored Ads
Throughout the year I have been a member of Bux.To, almost 50% of thier Ads were put up by the owner. One of thier Ads, which is for T-Shirts has 657768 or will cost the owner $6577.68. In the past there were ads for Upgrading and purchasing Referrals.

Unrealistically slow Payments
The Get Paid to Click Ads site NeoBux is proof that a site can pay instantly and in big cashouts, it probably is the measure of how good a PTC can be. Waiting 8 - 9 months for a payment is completely ridiculous, it is an attribute of all the scam sites.

Bux.To the PTC Scam Site
I have to concur with people whom have been calling the site a scam, some have reported that thier accounts were deleted after asking about thier payment. These are members that have purchased from the site, now they are worse off because of the scammers at Bux.To.

Dump the Site
If you're not a member of Bux.To, then don't sign up, you'll be wasting your time. If you are a member and waiting for a cashout, just click an ad a day, once you get paid, convert anything remaining into advertsing, then dump the site.

I thought it was about time I did a review which I guess this post represents, it has been a disappointing get paid to click ads site to be a member of, and the number of excuses they have given over the last year is unacceptable. Some people have been paid there, a fraction of the members waiting for cashout, but don't you be fooled into thinking they will pay you.

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