Is 247Bux a scam?

247Bux is a reasonably decent PTC site that has paid members and will continue to do so, but let us take a closer look at the site in this little 247Bux Preview

Unsustainable PTC Site
No matter which way you look at it, when your advertising revenue is not going to cover the expense you're paying to Standard Members, then your site is screwed. Currently, 247Bux is charging a low $6.95 for 1,000 ad links which is a good thing for advertisers. However the site pays $10.00 to standard members for viewing those 1,000 ad links, which means for every 1,000 Ads, the site is losing the minimum of $3.05.

No money for Referrals and Upgraded Members
Most people are under the illusion that a PTC site can function when members purchase Referrals and Upgrades from a site, but the problem is. If the site is struggling to finance thier Standard Members, where will they get the money for members that purchase from the site? Revenue from Sales of Referrals and Upgrades will not last long, and with 247Bux, that is already losing money, this isn't a good sign.

Click on a certain amount of Ads to be paid
Now there is nothing wrong with requiring members to click a certain amount of ads before they will get paid when it is something already stated before a member joins. However there is something seriously screwed up when a PTC site decides that's the way they should go while the site is already been online for a few months.

Instant Paying Premium Members only
NeoBux doesn't need to do it, it pays all members instantly, so why do other sites think they can get away with it? In short, the site is struggling for advertising revenue, so they must promote Upgraded Membership to get money, it is called a Ponzi Scheme. This seems to be a common scam that PTC sites use when they have low advertising prices, or have too many ads that the admin has put up. While it is a benefit to upgraded members, I personally wouldn't upgrade on any site where thier advertising revenue is not going to be enough to pay standard members.

What the hell? Invest then lose Referrals?
Who on earth thought of that scammy rule? It shouldn't matter how much profit a person makes at a PTC, but to penalise them for making that profit is complete stupidity. Members that are purchasing from a PTC Site should expect a decent return with no added strings, BUT we've seen sites like IsabelMarco pulling the same excuse regarding "profit" and deleting referrals.

IndyMom will can invest more 4 times after that she will change to platinum, it's make her referrals gone and she will earn 0.1$ per click and etc. ( All of rules and conditions will show on TOS soon, i'm still create it.) - Admin, 247Bux

Promises to pay standard members
With the new "clicking a certain amount of ads" rule, this should give 247Bux the chance at getting money to pay standard members which is an excellent thing. But will the site be able to last over the long period doing the same? Absolutely not, eventually it will turn out like IsabelMarco which pays only Upgraded Members. Or like a Mike Pratt site like Earn3 which has the daily limit cashout scam.

Conclusion: Is 247Bux a scam?
Since it is continuing to pay members, the site is functioning below the scam radar. However it is certain that if the admin continues to underfund thier account by low advertsing, the site is destined to join many similar scams that have low advertising prices.

With it's new investment rule, the site is not worth investing in, actually the site being unsustainable is the reason you should stay clear. You can take the chance with this site if you choose.

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