MacoBux scams to Ads Only

Well this doesn't really come as a surprise, the site has had ad problems where members couldn't view any. Here's the e-mail from the admin..

hello members, macobux is going to change some things...
I can't pay members because there wasn't any purchase over 1 AND 1/2 MONTH so i decided remake macobux to only advertising company. I feel sorry for this but there is no way for me.

Hope you understand it. Thank you.

Also I would to recommend you this awesome new PTC which offer you premium if you will join there untill 10.000 members reached(at the moment is there over 7260 members registered) - site is still in prelaunch. check news section on their forum. It's not regular PTC, check it and you will know it.

Thank you.

Macobux Team

Take not of the part which says, I can't pay members because there wasn't any purchase over 1 AND 1/2 MONTH. This means that the site was putting up ads which was costing the owner and one of the reasons decent PTC sites go from paying to a get paid to click ads scam site.

Most of us would prefer to be paid from a site, we've seen enough PTC Scam Sites and are just hoping that there would be a few more paying sites. While it is good that the admin is keeping the site as an Ads only site, the truth is, people lost REAL MONEY when making purchases from the site.

I will probably not click at the site because I prefer to use Traffic Exchanges where you get better value for your clicking. The site really didn't last that long, so t's goodbye MacoBux

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