PC Speed ​​Tips: Optimize Virtual Memory

Hello world, today i want with you all one tips about pc speed,the tips is how to optimize virtual memory.

"Tips to optimize virtual memory" is intended to speed up loadingwindows. As my friend know that Virtual memory in Windows usuallyreferred to as the swap file or paging file. Virtual Memory is functioning as an additional memory to support the performance of RAM (RandomAccess Memory) itself. Swap files use hard disk capacity to accommodatethe files that are temporary. 

The more my friend to use the applicationsimultaneously, the swap file is also needed to be great. Conversely, the less my friend using the application simultaneously, the less virtual memory to be used. So that the size of virtual memory required depends on how the use of man. 

However, the speed of the process in the swap file is not as fast as the original memory. This is most likely due to rotational speed harddisk itself is also not as fast as the RAM process. 

Generally the minimumcapacity required by the virtual memory of about 1.5 times the RAMcapacity of my friend use. While the maximum capacity that it takes about2-3 times the capacity of RAM my friend. To start setting, consider thefollowing steps:

A. Open the Control Panel, then double-click the System icon.

2. In the Control Panel view, double click on System then System Properties window will appear. There will have several options to choose from the tabs, the tabs will have its own function. On the General tab function to see the system used, the computer name, processor capacity,and used memory capacity. 

On the Computer Name tab, there are two settings, the network that serves to create a domain in a computer network and the Change function to change the computer name and workgroup. 

On the Hardware tab, there are several key settings, such as device manager will be able to detect the hardware-hardware on the computer,and so forth. Tab System Restore function to enable system restore on whether or not the operating system. And many other tabs could use a friend.

3. Click the Advanced tab found on the window, click the Settings button in the Performance group box. It will open a new window, the Performance Options.

4. On the Visual Effects tab select the option to accelerate performance of Windows. For example select the Adjust for best perfomance, then the option is inactive checkbox below it all. If my friend would still like to show some effect, then choose Custom and enable the checkbox. For example if you want to show the effect of shadow on the menu, then activate the option Show shadows under menus.

5. Now switch to the Virtual Memory settings, click the Advanced tab.

6. In the Virtual Memory group box, click the Change button.

7. Virtual Memory dialog box appears, select the option which is the location placed drive Windows operating system. In the group box Paging file size for selected drive, there are three setting options, the Custom size, System managed size, and the No paging file.

8. Select No paging file option if Buddy has more than 512 MB memory, select System managed size option when my friend wanted to set the best Windows computer for my friend.

9. If my friend wants to tweak more, then select the Custom size option, then specify the value of Initial size and Maximum size in MB. The calculation of the valueInitial and Maximum numbers can be calculated using a multiplier of 1.5.For example if the buddy has a 512 memory then the calculation is 1.5 x 512 = 768. Value of 768is the average value of initial and maximum, so the buddy can give the value range for the initial maximum value eg 500 and 900. And if my friend wantsa fixed value (fixed), Buddy may also include such value of 800 for initial and maximum.

10. After a buddy set and then click the Set button. Well, now my friend click ok> ok> then restart the computer buddy.

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