5 SEO Techniques that will destroy your blog

5 SEO Techniques that will destroy your blog
What are the SEO techniques that will destroy your blog? Consider the following points:
1) buying and selling links.Techniques to get instant backlinks from high pagerank blog with a link to buy from them - what else through buying and selling services link - very risky. Mean heart to improve its position in the SERP even kicked all the way to tail google.SOLUTION: Create an amazing and interesting content that people link to your blog naturally. Or, if my friend wanted to buy a link from a blog - contact the blog admin to buy the link manually.
2) Affiliate links Uncloaked.Why Google hates affiliates? Google seems to hate everything that smells of the commercial - if it makes money for my friend, Google does not like it (google selfish too well ..). Unless of course you pay Google, as in buying Adwords for PPC. Then they will love you. (Too ~)SOLUTION: pray that google still love my friend (hhehe)
3) link to the blog builders spam / smelling BB 17.Note orang2 your comments on dofollow blogs. if they link to sites which are less well je om gugel eyes, please delete their comments.SOLUTION: Moderate your comments, nofollow links, or both.
4) Blog is not active.when the robot google visited your blog and your blog is in a state server down. it is certain that the blog has long perched on SERP going to slip jauuuuhhh ~.SOLUTION: Use a reliable web hosting. or use the blogspot! hhe
5) Duplicate Content. OK, skipper in the sense of it all dah tau. if you copy and paste blog builders to others, start now to stop it because it would destroy the image, your self esteem in the presence of other bloggers as well as in front of google. cepet2an repentance deh so ...SOLUTION: Nofollow links to duplicate content, it contains a block in robots.txt, or use the Google Canonical tag

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